what grease should i buy

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anyone know what grease i should buy for the headset bearings and wheel bearings on my trek pilot 1.0


  • Standard LPM Grease should be fine (lithium multi-purpose) get a large tub and it`ll last a lifetime if you keep the lid on :wink:
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    I really like the Dura-Ace stuff you can get in little tubs. It's reasonable expensive but works really well.

    I've used it for just over a year now and after stripping wheels even in the middle of winter there is a lot of grease still there and it looks pretty good - a lot better than the Finish Line that I used to use - which was mostly gone after a couple of months.

    You can get it at Chain Reaction.
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  • +1 for the Dura-Ace grease. I got a big tub, which will probably out-last me. BUT, you absolutely MUST keep it clean. Get a clean spoon, preferably your mums best tea-spoon, and use the little lid-insert that comes with it (if you get a big tub), if not, use the lid.

    Or if you don't trust yourself / cant be arsed to strip everything down completely get one of these grease guns. Abolutley brilliant.

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