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Mavic Crosstrail - UST Newby

Rob MRob M Posts: 4
edited February 2009 in XC and Enduro
Hi all,

I got some Mavic Crosstrail on the cheap from the Ebay with tires and solution.

The tires we're off when I got the wheels, so I put them on, wet the edges of the tires (already had some of the gunk around) and pumped up. First time on both wheels, and they've stayed hard for about a week. So thats all good.

Question 1 is regarding the valves. I'm planning a weekend in Wales, so I think taking tubes with me is a good idea for backup. Say I get a big flat, how do I take the valves out? Do I just bump them out? I looked when I had the wheel, screwed on from the outside, and just rubbery on the inside, so I presume the just push out?

Question 2. As the tires already had some solution in, I just got cracking and put them together. Do I need to add more to help stop punctures etc? On the bottle of solution it suggests adding a certain amount to each wheel, but I'm not sure how I get it in?

Thanks for any advice.
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