Big Apple tyres - clearance..?

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My 2008 men's Dawes Discovery 301 currently has 28" (622-35) tyres (not sure of the frame size - does that make it a 22" frame?).

I want to put Big Apple 28"x2.35" tyres on.

Will I have a problem with frame clearance?

Do I need to stick to the 28"x2" Big Apples?

Many thanks for your help.


  • You'll struggle to get the 2.35" tyres in, and I'd imagine that the 2" probably wont fit either.

    35mm is about 1.377" and IIRC they don't have a lot of spare clearance with the guards on.
  • I haven't got mud guards on it - yet... can probably live without them (although they would be nice to have).

    I glanced at it this morning and there was a fair bit of clearance around the existing tyres. I haven't measured it though.

    Will the tyres deform in use and do I need to account for that?