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New Flat bars, what to get?

wokawokawokawoka Posts: 14
edited February 2009 in The workshop
Just got my new Charge plug racer delivered and having great fun commuting to and from work! The bike looks great (If you like that kind of thing) though I’m not convinced on the old school drop bars for hill climbs! I am looking to put some narrow flats on with some odi lock ons. What can you recommend? O and white ones would be lovely!


Happy riding.................


  • biondinobiondino Posts: 5,990
    Drop bars are MUCH easier for hill climbs! I promise! You can ride steadily on the tops, powerfully on the hoods, and balls out on the drops.

    Seriously - give it a few weeks with the drops before making a change, as I'm convinced you'll realise it's ideal as it is.
  • Yeah might stick with drops though not the super retro flare drops, these silly things come so far out1 any ideas?
  • biondinobiondino Posts: 5,990
    You could flip them, saw off the drops and have a pair of bullhorns? Which the Plug used to ship with as standard - I've never used them but they look nice (to me) and have the far more useful 2 of the three hand positions.
  • Am really not chuffed with the bars that came with the plug, as the bike was a bargain I would be inclined to spend some pennies on something rather nice looking?
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