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Rim wear indicator

NgalbraiNgalbrai Posts: 279
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Have a rear mavic open sport rim on a tiagra hub. Gone a bit wonky and so was taking it to LBS to be trued and noticed how much shallower the rim wear indicator groove is than when i last thought to look at it. When is replacement time, when the groove dissapears or when, like on mine, it has worn sufficiently to be noticeable.



  • cjcpcjcp Posts: 13,345
    Ask the LBS. But if the wear indicator has disappeared, then it's time to change. How many miles have you done (although it depends on how often you brake)? What you don't want is for the rim to explode when the rim's completely worn down. Which is what happened to me on my Open Pros. :oops:

    How do you find the Open Sport? I thought mine were a bit soft. I somehow managed to warp the rear rim beyond all repair within a month's use, and I'm only 78-80kg. I must have given mine a right ol' whack on a pothole.
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