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Trek ex7 09, frame size??

hugh_bhugh_b Posts: 93
edited March 2009 in XC and Enduro
Hey guy's, just wanted to see what you thought about this.....I'm currently looking at full sus bikes. At the moment i'm riding a nice trek hardtail, don't get me wrong i'm quite a good rider and enjoy it but i think a full sus would be even more fun as my hardtail kicks about a fair bit over bigger bumps and roots etc.

Anyway, i went to my lbs today and i've settled on the trek ex7, I sat on both the 18.5 and 19.5, the 19.5 feels a lot more roomy and obviously has a larger stand over height, the 18.5 felt a lot shorter that what I'm used to but not in a bad way, I quite liked the idea of the lower standover too, however i'm worried that i won't have enough room when i actually ride it off road!

I'm about 6ft tall, 10.5-11 stone, what would you guy's go for?? The 19.5 certainly felt more like my hardtail in terms of body position and reach when sitting so I'm quite tempted to stick with what i know.


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