Knee bother?

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Ive recently started road cycling seriously over the last 6 months during which time ive been told by several people that my knee's point out the way slightly.
Its never caused me any pain during or after a ride, ive adjusted the saddle but still they point out!
Am i a freak?
Am i doing myself any long term damage?


  • LeighB
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    As long as you are comfortable I would not worry, as you progress you may find you alter your position for more efficiency.
    My feet are not comfortable if they are parallel so I have my cleats set for comfort but this causes my heels to rub the crank arms, it works for me; we are all individual with slight differences in body shape. As a rough guide to saddle height put your crank arm in line (at the bottom of its stroke) with the seat tube, sit on the bike and you should be able to put your heel on the pedal.
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    Check saddle height first then review.
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  • Thanks for reply's, will check saddle height and see how i go.

  • I had the same thing and several people who had ridden behind me suggested that it was a saddle height issue.
    it was not, some people are born that way, the problem was greatly improved by adding two wedges to the insides of
    each of the cycling shoes (specialized make them)
    hope this helps