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Afan conditions

Bonehead21Bonehead21 Posts: 20
edited February 2009 in MTB general
Has anyone ridden the Skyline trail recently, I'm going this weekend and wondered what the conditions are like?

I can't decide whether to use my Panaracer Trailrakers or Conti Vapours (both 2.1) Any suggestions will be gratefully received!


  • nferrarnferrar Posts: 2,511
    Not done Skyline but did White's on Sunday and conditions there are good. Couple of sections are a bit muddy but mostly the tralis just have a light tacky/wet coating. Not used Vapours but Trailrakers would be overkill IMO
  • Thanks for that, i thought the Trailrakers would be a bit much... fine for deep gloop but anything else and they get a bit squirmy.
  • Was quite snowy still on Sunday - nearly a foot on the rising high section and half the fire roads covered in snow/ice
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