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Really Silly Commuting Racing- sort of

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An FYI for my fellow folder owners, and anyone who likes a good laugh: entries for the folding bike race at the Smithfield Nocturne (6th June), plus the Nocturne events in Edinburgh (30th May) and Blackpool (1st August) now open. There'll also be one in Brum on 29th August.
It isn't SCR- trying too hard is not only unlikely, it's positively essential. If you haven't seen the footage on YouTube (some of it featuring yours truly, aargh) imagine a cross between a pro tour sprint, Wacky Races & the Monty Python Upper Class Twit of the Year Sketch. Only more so. At least if you're watching. If you're in it, hilarious but knackering fun....
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  • Having witnessed the amazing feat of SCR's very own Clever Pun, a self confessed Bearded Bromptonite, whip right the way around Lambeth Roundabout on his folder I should imagine this event would be rather amusing to watch!

    All we need to do now is recruit the fabled Pink Brompton rider that gives roadies a run for their money around Mayfair/Buck Palace and it should be an interesting race!
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