Rohloff Gear Hubs

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Im thinking of getting a sealed gear system. Ive been looking at the rohloff but it seams quite expensive. Im weighing up if its worth the money. What are your thoughts about it? Is there enough of a problem with the current system of using a mech and a cassette? Is it actually any lighter? Do you think the price is reasonable?

Are they really maintenance free?

I’ve also heard they cause slight rolling drag. Do you think this is an acceptable pay off?
For anyone out there who doesn’t have one, would you buy one?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


  • I've used a rohloff on a fast commuter for 3 years and it's superb. change the oil [£20] once a year and that's it as far as maintainance goes apart from chain tensioning [I have an eccentric bottom bracket type]. Still on it's original chainring,chain,rear sprocket.
    Does 'feel' weighty so will not accerelate as fast as a derailler set up but doesn't bother me.
    Not that I've ridden a Rohloff MTB but if you had one with an ebb I would anticipate that you would need a chain tensioner unless you are prepared to make regular adjustments.
    If you are a racing whippet then I would say it won't be for you as you will consider it too heavy.