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Training schedule for endurance events

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I looking for some advice on exercise and training programs to help me prepare for some planned endurance events later in the year. I'm currently commuting everyday (4 miles) at a good pace and riding a couple of 20 milers a week in the evening (all time allows with work and young family!). At the weekends i'm trying to build up road mileage and covering 50 miles in about 4 hours(conti speed kings - not slicks!). My big problem seems to be maintaining a steady pace on the road - i'm suffering with knee pain (ride spds with good bike/seat set-up) and lack of push from my legs even though my breathing and heart rate are fine. Guess i need to build strength over fitness but i want to follow a set plan to be ready for my first 100 mile road route in june. Any help/advice would be appreciated.


  • What would you call 'struggling to keep a steady pace' ? There are a number of things you can look at my first thing would be to see if there are any local clubs with regular rides near you, you can gain a wealth of advice and experince from here and you might even bump into somebody who is planning same event as you. Is the 100 miler you mention a sportif? If so there is a link on the front page of this website about training for sportifs. Regards your knee most sport injuries come from poor biomechanics - do you do any core exercises? If not this would be a good suggestion and also are you sure you have the right set up on your bike?
    Regards training if your event is in June you still have along way to go so don't break your kneck just yet your knee pain could be from doing too much too soon so maybe look at easing off slightly and building your endurance over a longer period putting in regular consistent rides where you feel like you are improving in power and 'steady pace'.
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  • This training programme should help you out:
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