not sure which bike?

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I cycle to work on my lovely trek hardtail (paid £750 for it) once at work it gets locked up in secure bike storage.

I have now however, got a new job (promoting sustainable travel hurah!) which will involve regular short-ish travel (about 3 miles on average) to lots of different offices in different areas at different points of the day. I intend to cycle but some areas will be a little, um, dodgy, with very poor cycle parking (ie railings etc) I really dont want to be using my trek for the dodgy locations because - I use it to go mountain biking at the weekends, nearly everything on it is quick release, and it looks quite "pretty" iykwim, so would perhaps be a bit of a target.

I thought about a decent fold up and then I could take the bike into the offices with me, but really, they are going to be far to heavy for me to bother carry around (Im 5'4", 8 stone and have no muscles!)

So now Im thinking about getting a cheapo run around to use for the dodgy locations...... I dont want to really spend much more than £200, because then I will end up with similar issues that I would have with my trek! I could get a bike through cyclescheme and then I guess I could be looking at bikes up to £400 in value?

Any thoughts on what would fit the bill? I need it to be cheap, light, not easy to nick stuff off it and probably for it to look a bit boring, but then I could always use a pot of paint to ensure it looks a bit rubbish!

Thanks for your help, much appreciated! :D