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29ers seem great ..but they haven't caught on (have they?)

mangizmomangizmo Posts: 39
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I recently bought a ridgeback Dual track, basically its a MTB with 700c wheels and a lock out fork, hydraulic discs and a 48/12 top gear, it seems like such a great idea because it feels much faster than a standard MTB on the road, but can do a great job off road also, I am quite surprised that they are not more popular...any ideas why they are not more popular ?....I keep telling everyone how great it is....but everybody is bored with hearing about I thought I would tell you all here :lol::lol:


  • Sorry did sombody say something? :wink::lol:
    Tail end Charlie

    The above post may contain traces of sarcasm or/and bullsh*t.
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