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How would I go about connecting a new stem?

ThrolkimThrolkim Posts: 94
edited February 2009 in The workshop
My bike has a weird integrated stem thingy, where it appears to be a stem but also has an integral one of these (I believe): ... 360036059/

Now I want to replace my current one soon, as it's a pretty rubbish adjustable height deal. If I remove it, there's just the tube with the fork tube inside it (I believe).
Do I need to buy one of those converters in this case?

I've not really owned any new bikes from the last decade or so, so I'm not entirely sure what the standard is for connecting the handlebars to the forks. Is mine a bit of an oddity?

Also, mine was creaking and generally being rubbish, so I sprayed the inside with GT85...which was stupid. Probably going to have to take it out and clean it out properly.


  • Have you ggot any pictures of your actual bike/ / stem? That will help for advice....
  • Found this photo on wikipedia, this is the same as mine:


    Had a look around to read up on it, and it appears I have an older style quill stem on my bike. Anyone know any tricks to keeping it from moving about? Obviously, oiling it wasn't the brightest of ideas.

    Tempted to get that converter and a newer style stem. I'd love to know if anyone has experience of doing this. :D
  • Looks like one of those angle-adjustable ones. Weren't they made by some French company?

    Undo with a 6mm Allen key downwards into the steerer and a tap. Just remove, clean and re-insert the same way ... or dispose if, if you prefer.
  • Thanks Steve.
    Think I might just chuck it and use an adaptor to fit a modern stem - the adjustable bit is annoying me. When I pull up on the bars, ie when climbing hills, it actually moves slightly. At least it's not creaking when I put any weight on them now. :D

    Now to explain to the lady why I want to spend money replacing a bit that holds a stick. :lol:
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