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Coming back after illness

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I am just starting to get back into excercise after being very ill over xmas and I need some advice on planning an excercise regime. Asked the doctors and they were very vague just saying I shouldnt over do it :?

I am Asthmatic with a heart condition called Atrial Fibrillation and Insulin dependant Diabetes. Over xmas I got the flu bug that everyone else got but insted of a couple of days watching daytime telly, I ended up in hospital on oxygen and a nebuliser. When I was discharged after 5 days I had a whole cocktail of drugs to take and my weight balloned from a chunky 14.5 stone to a wobbly 16 stone. I have been weaned off most of the tablets but my Insulin requirement has trebled since December.

I have bought myself a new bike to give me extra incentive and I can now walk up stairs without going dizzy, when I first got home took me 10 minutes to climb stairs and I nearly vomited.

Any one qualified to give me some advice or does any one have links to sites were I could work out an excercise plan.
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