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Making a carbon frame, anyone done it?

MattmanicMattmanic Posts: 234
edited February 2009 in MTB general
Found this while rumaging around the interwebs... ... and-a-bam/

Anyone tried it? It's pretty strong acording to the guy that made it. Sounds like a good way of saving £900 or so on a carbon frame. Especially if you can borrow someones zaskar and make a mould of it.
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  • Bloody hell! Don't know what I'd feel safer on, the home-brew carbon or the bamboo bike!!

    I was under the impression you can buy "good" carbon and "bad" carbon. The difference being the weave, density, layering orientation, bonding, resin, size of sheets, stress areas etc. This seems as if it may fall into the "bad" carbon catagory.

    This is from someone who knows very little about it..... just say a gut feeling :?
  • Its not that hard to make a carbon frame or a metal frame for that matter. The hard bit is making a good one. If you are after a project just to amuse your self and already have some fabrication skills and a fair bit of cash spare its a good project to do. If your after top bike or even a cheap bike forget it.

    You are quite correct pilsburypie about there are different sorts of carbon and resins. Also down to how you make it makes a huge difference. Even down to the amount of pressure you use and the direction you lay the carbon up. Its fun to experiences though but not cheap.
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    I wouldn't fancy it! Many of the frames we see on the market use high pressure moulds and are tuned for the ride and strength/weight ratio.
  • mauricemaurice Posts: 151
    Quite interesting, I bet it's trickier than he makes it sound, but a tempting project nonetheless!
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