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ridgeriderridgerider Posts: 2,843
Recent message I have written seen to spend time in my Outbox after I press the Sent button. Does this mean they have been sent, or are they waiting for me to do something before they go out?
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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,678
    It means that the person you have sent them to hasn't read them.
  • ridgeriderridgerider Posts: 2,843
    Ahhh, thanks. Is Outbox the right name for it then?
    Half man, Half bike
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,678
    Um...yeah - they're on the way out.
  • ceecee Posts: 4,553
    i posted a message, but i deleted it.....

    The word OUTBOX seems to be copied from email systems.

    When you send an email, it sits in your outbox until your mail client talks to the server and actually sends the mail. At this point it is moved into your sent folder.

    Lots of PM systems have just taken the outbox term as it is widely understood. I agree that outbox is not really the correct word for it has actually been delivered, just not read.

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  • ridgeriderridgerider Posts: 2,843
    Ok. Thanks for the prompt response, keep up the good work.
    Half man, Half bike
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