Camapag' compact chainset 110BCD?

TommyS Posts: 27
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Hello all,

Thought I'd post this in beginners as I'm feeling pretty uninformed on the topic.

I've just bought a campag' centaur compact chainset.

I intend to replace the 50 tooth chainring with a 46, as I prefer smaller gears and closer ratios and the current 16tooth (34-50) difference will annoy me to tears.
I digress.....

I assumed the BCD was 110mm and was about to order a Stronglight dural, but then saw an advert saying the Zircal was specifically campag compatible?

I'm now confused.
IS the campag compact BCD not 110mm?

Is this simply a matter of having ramps at differnt places to the dural?

Thanks for any info,