Manchester to London anyone?

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189 miles! I'm thinking of doing this in April. Who's up for it? If so, say when you're available in April so we can work out an exact date. I've already got a few people outside of this forum to come.

This is the best route I can work out: (LINK)

It's probably going to be a complete day of cycling.

My mate will be able to follow in a van with spare bike parts/clothes/food/etc to cover any emergencies. (He can mount video cameras on the roof too so we could get some good footage out of it. 8))

Because there's a van involved, the driver will be able to transport people back to Manchester at the end of the day or overnight (unless you wanna cycle back too :shock: ) but this, of course, depends on how many are coming!


  • If I were you I would rather do it in two days and avoid the A roads. The roads choice is very poor
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  • Hi,

    I am interested in this idea. I am away for 10 days at the beginning of April and easing up for a 5 day event at the beginning of May so may have difficulty in fitting it in.

    So I guess it dpends exactly on the date.

  • DuncSF
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    Did you ever do this and if so what was it like??
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  • Bhima
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    No, not done it yet!

    I'm currently looking at better routes - through the countryside where there are no traffic lights/traffic/better roads!