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Boring tyre question

Trev71Trev71 Posts: 46
edited February 2009 in The workshop
I'm looking for some advice/words of wisdom/past experiences for commuting tyres.

I ride a Genesis Dual Track 29er, and my journey to work is a round trip of about 11 miles; half on roads/tarmac and half on hardpacked gravel/woodland trails etc, but no 'serious' terrain. The Conti Vapors that came with the bike are fine for the off-road stuff, but I find them slow on the tarmac bits. I have some Schwalbe Marathons which are great on the tarmac bits, but a bit scary off road, especially when its wet.

So, the boring tyre question is: is there anything out there that is a good compromise on and off-road. I've been looking at the Conti Travel Contacts which seem fairly smooth in the centre but have the knobbly bits on the outer edge. Does anyone have any recommendations?



  • passoutpassout Posts: 4,609
    I can sell you some nearly new specialised cross tyres (700x32) if interested? They are off my new Tricross - I want road specific tyres.
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  • FyPunKFyPunK Posts: 160
    Sorry for the late reply, but if you are still interested I have been using the Contacts over this winter and they have been superb, I think the only difference between the Contacts I use and the travel Contacts is the sharp bits in the compound. They are fairly quick, not as quick as the city contacts I use for summer. Cycling Manchester to Blackpool. Look out for number 1691
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