Raleigh Fans?

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This on th'bay LOOKS rather nice - I'll leave originality or otherwise to resident experts!

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... 0312757454

Usual disclaimers - not mine, no interest (but if it were my size I would have!).
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  • stickman
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    Forget what the 'cycling ponces' tell you, there's nothing wrong with Raleigh. If they were good enough for Nicole Cooke...
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  • meagain
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    I LIKE Raleighs (I've had plenty!).
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  • bagpusscp
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    Hmm.Good quality frame.The group set is a new one on me.No room at the Inn anyway. :wink:
  • Slow Downcp
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    I remember lusting after the Sante groupset in the Freewheel catalogue when it was released - along with a (I think Rossin) pearl white frameset. Basically a white 600 groupset.
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  • Dickie
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    Sante was placed between 600 and Dura Ace if I recall correctly, nice bike too.
  • bowser
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    nice original raleigh sante gruppo looks in good nick too
    good classic for the summer for someone!