Hopefully I've chosen right...

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Hi all,

I'm new to the forum and this is my first post here after a few days of reading.

My intention is to start cycling to get fit, and that a road bike (rather than a hybrid) would be a better choice long term.

With that in mind, today I purchased a 2008 BH Race One 105 (for £579)
after also trying a 2009 Trek 1.2 and a 2008 Bianchi C2C Via Nirone 7 Alu.

My question is - frame size.

I'm only 5'6" with an inseam of 30.5". I ended up with a frame size of 48cm (seat tube length, centre to top) that has eff. top tube of 50/51cm.

In this size the bike looks 'dinky', but I didn't feel overstretched on it, and I can stand over the top tube and not crush anything vital.

I assume that if it feels OK, I've picked the right size?


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    Hi and welcome :D

    If you tried several bikes and this one felt right then it probably is right.
    You can fine tune it to suit you with saddle height and fore/aft position and handlebar height.
    Take a few allen keys with you for the first few rides and try different adjustments until you feel comfortable :D
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  • I have Claude Butler Triple Roubaix 53" frame. Im 5'6 and it fits perfect.