Sherwood Pines

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Hello One and All....

Thinking about a trip to Sherwood Pines to do the waymarked route on saturday, can anyone spill the beans on where it starts and how to get there??!!

Many thanks in anticipation.



  • abductee
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    Here's the route. You will be able to see how to get to the car park (£3) on the map ... /photo#map

    there is a big discussion in the cross country section under sherwood pines any good????

    I think it will be a bit muddy at the moment. Sherwood pines isnt generally a muddy place but with all the rain and snow it has been a bit sloppy the last couple of times I've been. Some fire road diversions around the muddy places would be a help.
  • Thanks mate, appreciate your help!!
  • Yeah could very muddy I reckon, was there last Saturday, fantastic in the snow but where it had started to thaw out there was big, thick sections of mud undernearth, made it really hard in places :(

    Let us know what you think of it after you have ridden it! :)
  • i've been overruled this week, its cannock instead. mates not wanting to drive that far, nottinghams not to bad from brum, but its virtually in sheffield and then my mrs pointed out its valentines day and i wont be wanting to get p too early.

    giggity giggity!!
  • Hi All ... anyone know if any of the new routes are open? I was there last year and work was being done over by the jumps in the 'extreme' area.

  • Yeah, the new Kitchener is trail is open to a certain extent - the majoirty of it is rideable, but it is not all way marked yet - some one has kindly drawn felt tip arrows on posts to assist you though. It is OK to follow, but sometimes you can get a little bit lost on way round.

    See abductee's post above - he links the google map route of the Kitchener trail which may help you! :D