trek 5.2

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Hi i have just bought a trek 5.2 that is 5 years old and i know it sounds a lot but it has been upgraded so much with regards to handlebars that are carbon and the spinergy stealth wheels aswell witch look fantastic its in immaculate condition and has been serviced every 6 months.

i will try to get some pics up later today.

now it has come with an 11/23 chainset and in may i want to do john o groates lands end 1100 mile and i will be doing 100 mile a day, so is 11/23 going to be to tough for this type of ride or should i go for the 12/27.

and what are peoples thoughts on the spinergy stealth wheels are they any good.

thanks people.


  • colint
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    What chainset rings does it have ? double, compact, triple ?
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  • its a compact.
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    put the 27 on. As the old saying goes: its better to have it and not need it - than need it and not have it....