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Back Muscular Injury

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[Showers Injure People/b]

Ok so I was in the shower, turned (no not to pick up the soap) and the muscles in my back (top half under the shoulder blades) all contracted and now I can't move much.

I am looking for some tips/exercises to help get back to normal and increase strength...I wanna ride but can't and it's only been two days!!!

Cheers all




  • Best bet would be very light stretching and some deep heat being massaged into your back.

    If its muscle damage, it will take at least a week before it starts to loosen up properly. just give it time :(

    If the pain is really bad, (ie after 2 days you still can't move and its still painful) i'd suggest you see your GP and get referred to a physio.
  • i don't have upper back pain but i get mild(not for me) saitica(not sure of the spelling. Anyways unless the pain is unbearable I would recommend that you keep moving. nothing strenuos but just don't lie down and give up because it very rarely helps. Best to see a gp though even if it does go away just to check, you backs a fickle thing.
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    GmanUK101 wrote:
    [Showers Injure People/b]

    I wanna ride but can't and it's only been two days!!!

    What ever you do dont go back to riding if it hurts or exacerbates the problem during or after, resting now will mean you can ride more in the future.

    If your as hooked on riding as the quote suggests go to a physio that is competent in sports massage he will probably find muscular tension and knots to work out, its quite common in the shoulder blade area. Also ask them to reccomend some stretching suitable for your back/injury and some strenghtening exercises which dont have to involve trips to the gym.

    From what you have described it doesnt sound like and is unlikely to be a muscle tear or tendon/ligament damage but you need to be sure and a physio will find out. If it is then it can take longer to heal.

    Deep heat wont do a great deal for the tension/injury recovery it irritates the skin and makes it feel hot. If you need some relief (from the pain/tension) use Nurofen Gel it should numb the area, but be careful, the pain is a warning something is wrong the gel will not fix the problem.
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