Bike Fit or not?

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I started cycling last Sep. driven by a mad urge to do this year's Etape. All going well so far, I got a coach to do up a training schedule which I have stuck to. 6 days a week, 3,500kms done to date, up to 110k + for my long runs.

I got my bike in Evans and was given a very cursory, 'Yeah, looks like a 58 will do.' bike fit. I did get a friend, a serious cyclist, to do some fine tuning on my set up at the time.

Question is, is it worth getting a professional fit at this stage? While things are going fine, I am concerned that I may be missing out by not having it done as I head into the serious part of my schedule. However, I have a fear that they might tell me my set up is completely wrong and I may end up doing major adjustments which might set me back.



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    The vast majority of cyclists don't get a professional bike fit - I haven't - that's not to say you wouldn't benefit but don't worry that you are missing out on something everyone else will have had.

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    I agree with Tom Butcher. A professional fit is good but it sounds like you are doing really well and if it feels like everything is right then it probably is. Fine tuning goes on forever with some riders.
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    I've been wondering about the question of bike fitting. I had one at my lbs, accurate but not "laser" guided. They did shoe and cleat fitting too. I feel so very right or true, or whatever you might call it on the bike, that I can't believe everyone doesn't do it.
    Just because you feel good on the bike doesn't mean you're not out of line somewhere. Surely there are performance or endurance benifits to be had. The vast majority of cyclists might not get fitted, but does that make it right, given that all pro cyclists do?
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    I've been running a Bike Fitting business for a few months now and most of my customers come because they are uncomfortable or 'don't feel right'. From the mileage you have done so far I suggest you are fine. If it ain't broke don't fix it.