Safety stickers

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After having recently rekindled my interest in cycling, I've done the decent thing and bought a new carbon bike, a Felt Z35 which is nice. But it's got lots of well meaning but ugly stickers on stating that my head will fall off if I overtighten anything that's attached to anything black and expensive - or something like that anyway, I haven't read them all.

So, does everyone take these things off or leave them on? Will children laugh at me reading all the warnings as they overtake me?

Please be gentle, first post and all that.
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  • softlad
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    if you remove them, your head will fall off.. ;)

    seriously, just peel away - I would....
  • JC.152
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    you could always peel them off your bike and restick them on a nice piece of paper to take with you so you know when your heads gonna fall off...

    ...but don't look at the paper while riding cos your head might fall off... but you won't know whether your head will fall off without looking at the paper....hhmmm :?