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What tyre's

Hayze DayzHayze Dayz Posts: 28
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Hi all!!

Need some help, I need to change my tyres on a Boarman Comp MTB 08. I have am running on Conti Expoler's at the moment, but I am finding that there are loads of resistance. So as i do a 50/50 commute or road and off road, so very tricky and muddy. I was hoping for some wise words as to which tyres to use.

I was looking at Conti double fighter 2 or Conti speed king.

Help please, and show me the way.

Thank you


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    I don't think you'll find either any better - the explorer is a good allrounder.

    Could try a semi slick in the drier months.
  • I found myself in a similar position and decided on two identical sets of wheels, one with a close ratio cassette (11-21) and Bontrager slicks, other with a wide ratio cassette (11-30) and Panaracer Cinder knobblies. Worked better for me than having to compromise. 8)
  • Definately not the Speedkings on roads, they GRATE and drag like crazy.

    Maxxis Advantage 2.1 XC 70a as sold for £17 in Halfords, makes a damn fine all condition tyre, hard rubber so it roles and wears well on roads and the like and they come up more like 2.25's really, very tall so very comfortable.

    Only faster tyre is the WTB Prowler SS for the rear, but to be honest it's not alot faster, wears quicker and more costly.
  • I'll add, just slap 10psi or something more in the Advantages for the road use, and drop for doing XC.
  • Rampage front and razor rear.

    I have this on my 456 and ride a fair bit on tarmac to trails. Pumped up to about 45psi they run really fast, trun them softer for awesome grip, if you don't let them down they still grip pretty well off-road.
  • XxxBFGxxXXxxBFGxxX Posts: 1,355
    i am using Tioga Factory FS100's at the moment there great for road riding wouldnt like to use them of road tho as there a bit slicky lol.

    i also use Moto RT's the a good road and trail tyre.

    hope this helps
  • dave_hilldave_hill Posts: 3,877
    DMR Moto Diggers have a reasonably close block-tread so roll well on smooth surfaces (provided you keep the pressures up) but will also give you some grip in the muck.

    Maxxis Larsen TTs or Bling Bling Lopes are also worth considering. The Larsen again has a blocky, closely-spaced tread where the BBL has a lightly-treaded centre section but heavily treaded shoulders.

    Finally, Maxxis High-Roller Semi-Slicks are always worth a look - I really rate these tyres certainly for summer use off road - they have a file-pattern centre section which offers little rolling resistance but heavily treaded shoulders for decent cornerng grip in the slutch. Not much good in really heavy mud though.

    To be honest though, much like a "do it all" bike, there's really no such thing as a "do it all" tyre. It's always going to be a compromise.
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  • blister pusblister pus Posts: 5,780
    As above no such thing as a do it all tyre, I've got used to swapping tyre sets over as and when. But I'll give a shout out for conti traffic 09's, great silent road rollers, great in the wet and snow and ok in reasonable mud. Depending on mud terrain i guess would determine what size you went for (2.1 / 1.9). But for 11-12 quid a pop great value and worth a look.
  • Thank you every one, food for thought !!
  • and shwalbe racing ralph, extremely expensive, but there is no better tyre for road speed/ xc
  • EranuEranu Posts: 712
    shwalbe racing ralph, extremely expensive, but there is no better tyre for road speed/ xc

    Ralphs wear out very quickly on tarmac, I wouldn't use them for that kind of riding.
  • Can't stick HighRollers and Rampages tried them both, the Advantage is a better do it all tyre and a faster roller on roads. In 70a form.

    Ralph would be NUTS £35 gone in no time.
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