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XC Race Preparation? And which energy drink???

jakemckennajakemckenna Posts: 25
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I am 17 and looking to compete in a few races this year (NPS XC, and Midlands XC), I was just looking for some ideas for how to really get ready for the races coming up in about 2 months?

I would say that I am fairly fit but now I need to start training more and more in order to get the better results.

Anyone out there done much XC racing? Also, during a long ride, run or going to the gym what energy drink would you reccomend?

Cheers, Jake


  • bails_89bails_89 Posts: 143
    Hi jake,im in a similar position as you,im 19 and iv just started training for my first ever xc race. Im doing the one in Llangollen on the 29th of march but only in the fun category and see how i get on.iv just started my training plan this week and then il reassess after 4 weeks.
    You really want to find out what your weaknesses are and work on them or do a few tests for example find a nice climb lasting for 10 or so minutes and time it, after a couple of weeks do it again see if you can beat your old no expert but you get the idea, it keeps you motivated and thats the aim of the game.

    Im also starting spinning tomorrow night so il let you know how that goes,im doin about 30 miles on the bike atm but think im going to up it a little.

    What midlands races are you doing?

    Think im doing the hanchurch race and Cannock chase one but not sure which category im entering yet.

    Hope this helps a little bit
    Cheers chris
    Its not about the bike....
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  • nferrarnferrar Posts: 2,511
    Energy drinks are a lot about personal preference (and what flavours you get on with) so I'd experiment with a couple. Personally I use SIS Go Electrolyte when on my road bike as if you're sweating a lot over a long ride you need electrolytes as well as energy. Mostly these days on the MTB though I just have water as a drink and take gels/bars for energy (less hassle if using a camelbak).

    Good luck with the racing, can't say I'd have much to advise on as I haven't raced for 15 years. One thing though, don't get too disheartened if even the Fun category seems fast (especially early season) as, back when I was racing at least, you'd find roadies doing the odd MTB race for training would enter Fun or Sports cat even though they were very fit (you can usually spot them by the fact they go crazy fast uphill and slow downhill :p ).
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