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kind cyclists this morning.

boondogboondog Posts: 205
edited February 2009 in Commuting chat
thankyou to the 2 cyclists in Hyde park and hyde park corner who stopped to help me this morning.

first guy, sorry I didn't catch your name, but thanks for the loan of the pump.

Nick, thankyou again for lending me you puncture repair kit, and delaying your journey to work to help me. The repair stuck, so I made it to work ok !

2 punctures on the commute in, and I ony carry 1 spare, and my mini-pump broke. Lesson for me is to carry a repair kit, and buy a practical pump, not a stupidly small c02 thing !


  • Hear Hear for the kindness of the passing cyclist.
    Pay it forward! :D
  • Tino4444Tino4444 Posts: 281

    Yes I too came across 2 very kind cyclists a couple of weeks back near Ryhill, West Yorkshire. I was walking home with a flat (yes thats right I did not have any spares inertubes or repair kit with me....I have since learned) and two cyclists stopped to offer their assistance.

    They did not have a repair kit on them but kindly offered to give me one of their spare inertubes....It did not fit.....

    But I would like to thank these two cyclists for stopping on their weekend ride and offering to help.

    Speciallized Allez 09...great bike shame about the wheels!!
  • CunobelinCunobelin Posts: 11,792
    Surely you mean....

    "3 lycra louts delay other users in Hyde Park"
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  • Get a Topeak Road Morph pump. It like having a mini track pump in your bag and well worth the price the first time you puncture (£26 from Wiggle if you get the 10% discount for spending over £50).
    Also, carry pre-glued patches as well as a spare tube. If the puncture is easy to find it is quicker to use the patches than change the tube. :shock:
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