cancellation of demo day

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I had booked a slot on two of the new Lapierre bikes at Aston hill on Sunday 8th. Due to the fact i was going to have to travel 4 hours to get there and the obvious weather conditions was keeping a close eye on the web site for any cancellation details. As it actually stated that this event would go ahead regardless of snow and with nothing about it on Saturday morning was more than confident that i would be ok to travel down. I stayed in London on Saturday night, traveling down from Darlington only to find out on the Sunday afternoon after arriving at Aston that it was cancelled. It had not snowed there for a good few days and do not believe there was any reason for such short notice on the cancellation. I realise this message will not acheve anything but will at least gives me the oportunity to express how f###ked off i am having wasted a whole weekend not to mention the expense! Unfortunately none of the Emoticons quite fit how i am feeling!


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    Apologies but it had to be cancelled due to adverse weather conditions - and some trees had also apparently fallen onto the trail.

    Everyone who pre-registered for the Demo Day was emailed on the Saturday to let them know that it had been cancelled.

    We put notices on the website and forum regarding the cancellation as soon as we knew about it.