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Summer races! - help

jadamsonjadamson Posts: 644
edited February 2009 in MTB general
im 16 so finishing my GCSE's in may June ish so June the 25th till 1st of September im a free man! :D im getting into mountain biking and improving quite rapidly and would like to start a few races during this period.

i am considering the "big bike bash" in the new forest as it has a strong emphasis on newbies. is there any other races during this time that a novice like me with a £500 bike could turn up and have some fun?!? ide like to book as many as possible.

i live in the south east of England but 100mile radius of southampton or anywhere assessable by train would be perfect. i could also race around the sunderland (next to newcastle) area( if any) and Norwich near thetford as i could bribe a room at relatives.

Thank in advance. 8)

EDIT: as ive seen the other race thread ide like to point out this is just for fun.


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