Yakkay helmets

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Has anybody bought or any experience of Yakkay helmets? Would you recommend one?


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    OMG you've got to be kidding :shock: :shock: Each to their own I guess

    They look bloody hot tbh, I used to wear a skate style helmet for mountian biking, and soon changed it as it got as hot as hell after 5 mins or so. I can't begin to imagine what it would be like with a hat covering the ventilation holes
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  • I have one of the fur covers. Here is a picture of a recent critical mass ride.

  • /me googles....

    oh my...

    well you'd not get a cold head this time of year but it will get very hot as we get into spring, and summer whoooo...
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    Keeping the bonce warm would be something of a bonus actually as I'm as baldy as a coot.
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    I've switched to a Specialized Skillet for the winter - not had a problem with cold at all! Used to carry the old skull cap in a back pocket, but never needed it. 8) Plus you can just stretch a wooly bobble hat over if you really really need it.