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Double - Triple???

clarkie28clarkie28 Posts: 134
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Hello everyone.

Iam going to sound extremely thick but can someone explain what double and triple gearing is on a road bike!! Being a newbie, i have decided to buy either a Giant defy 3 which has 27 gears whereas my other choice is a Spesh Allez 18 which im guessing is a double?

Im buying either one of the bikes for fun and to get fit and i just wanted to know so as to aid my purchase!! Also, does anyone have either of the two bikes, and which should i go for, based on me actually sitting on both bikes and equally liking both, is one known to be
better than the other?

Thanks everyone for your help as always

Clarkie 28


  • Hi,

    TRIPLE - Three chainrings at the front

    DOUBLE - Two Chainrings at the front - However, there is what is known as a Standard Double typically 53/39 (numbers referring to the amount of teeth on the chainrings) and a Compact Double typically 50/36 or 50/34.

    The difference between the two types of double are very simply - the Compact gives a greater spread of gears than the standard, i.e will make pedalling up hill easier possibly at the expense of scrubbing off a little top end speed.

    The Triple takes the idea of the compact a step further and in theory makes pedalling up hill easier again by increasing the spread of gears that you have available, the benefit of the Triple is that you wil effectively be ggetting a Standard Double with a 30 tooth 'get out clause' attached.

    For the average, cycling for leisure / pleasure punter, I can see no argument against the Triple. If you are a purist you would become bilious at the thought - but hey, why make life difficult for yourself.

    I sell both Giant & Spesh and of the two bikes you are considering I would give the nod to the Giant in terms of value for money, however both are ggreat bikes.

    Hope this helps.

  • Nice one Jonny, thats a big help so thanks very much for your advice!!
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