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Sorry....just want a rant!

scottyjohnscottyjohn Posts: 143
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Hi all,
So Just before xmas my almost new Giant Trance got stolen from a secure underground car park at my flats, and I thought it was gone forever. Luckily for me, a fellow forum member who works in a local bike shop spotted my bike when it was brought in for repairs, and I therefore got my bike back. Result! However the same guys have been down again and again into the garage, resulting in the theft of a number of other bikes. Usuall just cutting locks with bolt cutters. CCTV is useless as they come in with hoodies up and faces covered, also wearing gloves. So a little while back, a guy had his front wheel stolen (??) but they couldnt get his bike. They dumped the wheel in a bin recess but didnt take it, so the guy got his wheel back and decided he would keep the wheel in his apartmnent, making it more difficult for the scroats to steal his bike. So last night they came back and stole his bike, and stole the front wheel off of my heavily secured bike to use on his. Bloody unbelievable!!
Im almost admitting defeat!
I have my frame secured to a post with 18mm case hardened steel chain, with a Kryptonite New york D-Lock. But now I dont know what to do, If they are coming down so often, and the police seem unable / unwilling to do anything, I think its only a matter of time before they start stripping parts, ot get through my security measures.

Anyone got any advice as to how they handle this? My flat isnt big enough to keep the bike inside but I dont want to lose it again :(


  • buy a shotgun.

    seriously though, your flat is big enough to keep a bike in. you will find room for it.
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    the answer is dont keep your bikes there.

    they will just keep coming back and as you have suggested will remove what they can.
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  • WhytepeakWhytepeak Posts: 2,616
    Time for an ingenius trap,
    seriously though, surely this 'secure underground parking can be improved, arrange a meeting with those at the flat to discuss
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  • Steel bike wired to a car battery/ the mains :wink:
  • mauricemaurice Posts: 151
    Obvious solution seems to be keep the bike inside?
  • Hi
    My flat is really small! And the thought of bringing my bike through the house even once its washed wont really be practical I think. The problem is that when you drive out of the car park, the guys run round the corner and down the ramp before the gate closes. Once they are down there, they post lookouts at the corner of the building. Once they have a bike they come up the stair well to ground floor, and out the pedestrian door, which is just button release. I caught them doing it one night and called the cops who came round and goit a hold of the ones who were looking out. Turns out they are 13 and they cant do them for standing in the street. I think you are right in that I need to look at alternative arrangements for my bike. Unfortunately that will mean no more "jumping out" for an hours spin when I feel like it, so looks like the dickheads have decided they are going to alter my life. Fantastic!
  • Buy a bike bag so you can just sling it in that and stick it in a wardrobe when you aren't riding. Indoors is far and away the best place for nice bikes.
  • Do you have anywhere secure to hang it up? Seen these (link below) used in ye olde tenement flats, but they all had really high ceilings... ... 136c003545
  • dave_hilldave_hill Posts: 3,877
    Anyone got any advice as to how they handle this? My flat isnt big enough to keep the bike inside but I dont want to lose it again :(

    Find out where your local Hells Angels or Outlaws chapter are based (but NOT both FFS!!!). Ask them to help. It might cost but you won't have any more problems.

    Either that or get all your knuckle-head mates (everybody'd got some, right??) round and get them pissed up a bit. Then arm yourselves with pool cues, 3x2s, baseball bats etc. and lock yourselves inside the garage.

    When the scutters break in, explain to them with a bit of ultra-violence that it isn't really on and you'd prefer it if they stayed away.

    Seriously though, what's a bit of hassle lugging your bike up to your flat over constantly having to review your security?
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  • like dave said, perhaps you need to physically educate these guys. but then, they know where you live.

    take your bike inside. I always do.
  • "secure underground car park"

    I think you've easily disproved that statement. :)
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    What about those big metal bike lockers. Put them inside the garage ? They may not even bother breaking in to them just on the offchance that theres something nice in there ?
  • Thanks for all the responses guys. I think I may buy a bike bag which should allow me to keep in the flat. Im also going to speak to the factors to ask about a bike locker or cage. Cheers!
  • BigJimmyBBigJimmyB Posts: 1,302
    scottyjohn wrote:
    .......a secure underground car park at my flats........

    Not very secure is it?

    Is there any way of having a proper lock on the car park entry so only residents can have access?

    Bike one day, maybe cars next........
  • BikerbaboonBikerbaboon Posts: 1,017
    tis a joke now the state of policeing. If you are have ing a brawl out side the pub the police can just about be bothered to turn up. If you are doing 33 in a 30 zone then they can have a bobby sat in a car witha speed trap set all day to get you. but you have an attempted breaking to your garrage you get, is there a connecting door to your house.... we say no we get a crime referance number and no police attending as they only act on attempted breakins to garages with an internal door to hte house.....
    car gets rear light kicked in heres a crime freferance number we cant attend as er ( imput excuse as week as its the wrong kind of rain.) next door gets window put through with a base ball bat. ( police turned up for that but no action taken. bottle put though my window got dna and fingerprints of the scrote that did it and... nothing. he said he did not do it so he must be right.
    We do get a nice note every few months from the police just to let us know how little they are doing in protecting us by catching criminals.
    Its a joke.

    Not bad for an off the cuff rant eh :twisted:
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  • BikerbaboonBikerbaboon Posts: 1,017
    oooh and the local 3 foot drop off is an ileagal race track and will be ripped down next month......
    Nothing in life can not be improved with either monkeys, pirates or ninjas
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