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£999 . . . Specialized FSRXC Comp 09 or FSRXC Pro 08?

etienne68yellowetienne68yellow Posts: 12
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Hello all, I'm a newbie to the site and indeed to the MTB scene.

It won't be for biking2work, but under the Bike2Work scheme, I have £1000 to spend on a bike.

I've got a road bike, but want a mountain bike and all my hardened MTB mates say hardtail.

However, I've got full suspension in my head, not least because of knees that would appreciate the extra bounce at the back.

The latest What MTB mag rates the FSR XC 09 Comp at the top in its £1000 full sus test this month.

Last month, Mountain Biking rated the FSR XC 09 Pro right up there for £1500 full sus bikes too.

My question is am I better to get the latest 09 Comp or (as the price for last year's 08 Pro is now reduced to the same £999 money as the 09 Comp) am I better to go for that as it is surely specced with better components.

Has anything changed from last year's 08 Pro to this year's 09 Pro, such that last year's would not be a good one to go for.

Less weight and better forks if it's an 09 Pro, but does this still hold true for last year's model.

I'd appreciate any help you guys could give as I'm now in the 'can't decide' situation.


Specialized FSRXC Comp 2009 or FSRXC Pro 2008? 1 vote

This year's FSR XC Comp (2009)
100% 1 vote
Last year's FSR XC Pro (2008)
0% 0 votes


  • stumpyjonstumpyjon Posts: 4,069
    After 30 seconds looking at specs on the web the 08 Pro looks better specced based on the forks and rear shock (drivetrain looks similar spec as do brakes).

    The frame layout has changed from 08 to 09 but I think that is the trickledown from the Stumpjumpers which did the same between 07 and 08. I have an 07 Stumpjumper and have no issues with the frame as it was.

    So for me go for the 08 Pro but get a move on there aren't many left and those that are tend to be in odd sizes.

    As for price point £ 1000 is the minimum you want to pay for a full suss but you do get a reasonable bike for that money. £ 1000 will get you a very good hardtail but again if it was me I'd look at the full suss.
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  • Jon,
    Thanks for the helpful FSR feedback.
    I know what you mean about sizes too.
    I'm 6'00" with 34" inside leg and haven't a clue about mountain bike frame sizes compared to road.
    Guess I need to visit a local Specialised FSR dealer and try the different ones, then if I can't find the Pro in right size, that'd make my choice for me anyway.
    6' tall, with 34" inside leg
  • toastytoasty Posts: 2,598
    Probably large, 6'6" here and XL sized Specialized bikes have always fit me bang on. I voted on the new model by the way, I had the old design one and flogged it on. While it was fantastic value I wasn't too sold on the design, I seemed to bounce my way up hill far more than any other bike I've ever had, the new one is based around the modern Stumpjumper design.
  • canada16canada16 Posts: 2,360
    It depends what you wanted it for.

    Im 5. 10 with a 30-31" inch leg, and I got a small focus superbud 08, I love chucking it around.

    But it you are going to spend most of the time on the seat then I would have got a medium.

    For your size, the 6 foot guy, Size L, would be perfect.

    My mate is the same as you and I just bought him a Beone as he had no idea what to get, and I got him a large and its perfect.

    Just go to your local halfords, ride some sizes and leave.
  • timmystimmys Posts: 191
    Usually with bike2work schemes you have to pay the RRP of the bike so you might well be stuck with the '09. Which in my opinion is no bad thing (but i would say that as i have one).
  • Cheers Tim, I'll have to check that out.
  • Daz555Daz555 Posts: 3,976
    The two bikes are very different due to the changes to the 09 XC range so it is worth having at least a sit on each of them to feel the differences. The 09 model seems to have a more relaxed geometry than the 08 model even though there is supposedly only 1/2 a deg difference in head angle. The extra inch of travel also makes them very different bikes.

    As someone else mentioned, this might be irrelevnt anyway due to having to pay RRP on loads of the C2W schemes. I know I did when I ordered my FSRxx via Halfords.
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  • FSR_XCFSR_XC Posts: 2,258
    I'm 6'1" with 34" leg & have a L FSR XC (07).

    Not sure you'll get the reduced model on C2W. For one reason, it costs retailers 10% to put a bike through C2W. My LBS sold be last years model road bike by adding 10% to the discounted price, which still meant nearly a £200 saving before C2W (-40%).
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  • Cheers guys.
    I don't have a cunning plan as good as Baldricks yet, but I'm getting there, so please keep the advice coming . . .
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  • I bought the '08 FSR XC Pro last November at the same price as the (then newly released) '09 FSC XR Comp. The extra travel of the newer bike didn't overly concern me, and I liked the sound of the ProPedal setting on the rear shock, which you don't get with the basic '09 model. I think there are a few other spec differences, but nothing I can remember off the top of my head...

    I've been very happy with it so far, but I think I'd probably have been equally happy with the '09 - not helping much here am I :lol:
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