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Hamstring cramps when cycling, why?

GMARS70970GMARS70970 Posts: 71
edited February 2009 in Health, fitness & training
Hi all,

When I'm out on my MTB ride my thigh & calf muscles feel fine but my hamstrings really hold me back. I've started doing squats & hamstring curles at the gym to build the muscles up, but when cycling the Ae red route yesterday my hamstrings were sore again. I've also suffered from cramp on a couple of outings always on the inside/back of my legs.

Why the hamstrings?
Are there any specific exercises that would help me out.

Please help, too many good days ruined by sore legs.


  • Dr_DeathDr_Death Posts: 1,262
    Your hamstrings can get quite tight through cycling as you never really fully extend your leg. Stretching exercises are what you need, google for hamstring stretching exercises and I'm sure you'll find loads of useful stuff.

    Trust me, I'm a doctor!
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