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I bought a Roubiax Pro about 6 months ago and only done about 300 dry miles. I noticed that a couple of the Decals on the rear wheel were starting to peel off, so I pulled them off.

I wrote to Specialized and they asked if they could help? They asked what had I been using to clean them, and I advised them that I had used ]"Muc-off"
"Thats where your problem is" Muc-off is Alkaline based, never the less Specialized are sending me a complete new set of Decals for both wheels, you can't ask for better than that.

However, not sure what to clean them with in the future, I will post a thread on this.



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    How about you leave the decals off? They only add weight and slow you down.
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  • Alot complain about how over priced Specialized kit is, but I think you pay that little bit extra for great customer service from them.

    Good stuff mate, phil
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  • I don't agree with those who say Spesh stuff is expensive. It is neither expensive nor cheap.
    Spesh stuff is fair value.
    I'm not wealthy enough to buy cheap things.
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    yes - the service from specialized UK is excelent - they were great with my Roubaix when I had an issue with campag gears fitting.
  • Has anyone got a cusomter care contact (email address would be great)for Specialized in the UK? I can't find anything on their website or google...

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    Also, I have calculated my FCN as 12...although I have no idea what that actually means.
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  • Ta muchly... :D
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    Also, I have calculated my FCN as 12...although I have no idea what that actually means.
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    I had the fork column on my tarmac fail about 5 months (2000 miles) after I had it - they had the fork replaced in a week with the minimum of fuss...
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    I'm generally a big fan of Specialized stuff - but could somebody explain to me what the stickers peeling off has to do with Muc-off being alkaline-based...?? I don't get it..