Which pedals now?

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I put off buying some ultegra pedals till after christmas, at the time they were about £45 I think. Now I am ready to buy they are now £60+, are they still worth it or are there better about for the money?


  • Sorry to hijack you thread, but thought I'd jump in as I have a pedal related question too.

    I too am looking at spending between £40-60 on pedals, and at the moment am torn between the Shimano 105's or the Time RXS. Any comments on either, plus or negatives?

    Also, anyone know the difference between Time RXS First/Racer etc? I'm a bit baffled.

    Again sorry to not offer an answer to your question. Hope you don't mind! :oops:
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    No problem with the hijacking. At least you have given a couple of options to consider, but it looks like we aren't going to get anywhere with this thread. :cry:
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    Seeing as no-one else has said anything, I'll offer my limited thoughts.
    I've been using 105 spd-sl's for about 6 months now, changed from spd's. All I can say is that I don't even have to think about them. Very nice, comfortable and easy to use. Good value. Don't know how good Ultegra are - probably miniscule difference, but I won't be looking to upgrade for a long time....unless I fell over some cheap dura-ace. Never then :)
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  • I have the ultegra ones and am very happy with them. How much better than the 105s I dont know. Probably not worth the extra £25.

    Also worth a look(excuse the pun) are the keos, know a couple of people who use them and seem happy with them. I find the shimanos cleats slightly easier to walk on but I think the looks are lighter



    Have never used time pedals.
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    It is relay worth spending a bit more and buying some speedplays. They are so much better for the knees and you get the same amount of extra power that you would get from some zipp 404s!

    Hope This Helps
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    I've got Ultegra on my best and 105 on my Winter bike. The Ultegra is lighter and seems to be better made. The bearings also feel smoother when they are examined. I'm not sure they feel a lot different on the bike. There is a lot of rust however on the flatted section of the 105s where you use the pedal spanner. I suspect that the Ultegras are likely to last significantly longer, so would go for those on a main bike.
  • Thanks for the recommendations folks. As there are a few owners of the Shimano gear, how are they for walking in? One positive for the Times I have read is that they're a bit easier to walk in. And that the cleats last a bit longer.