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Glasgow riders - consultation on the Cathkin Braes trails


  • The main aims of the project are to:

    provide a mountain bike course suitable for Glasgow 2014

    but not beyond. as soon as it costs us money its getting ditched.

    construct graded mountain bike circuits, based on the 2014 course, which will be available as a permanent facility.

    see above. we wont actually destroy it, but we wont do anythign about its upkeep either.

    permit test events to take place, so that proposals can be fine tuned

    ride about and do our job for us. we have no idea how to build a race course and we dont want to employ professionals

    improve access arrangements to and through the country park, for all users

    we are idiots and we will put footpaths and picnic benches right in the middle of the course because some ancient right of way exists.

    enhance personal security for all park users by encouraging greater legitimate use of the country park

    we will employ an old man in an anorak to try and fail to move the neds away because they will get pissed on cheap wine and steal your bike and kick your head in. as soon as the games are over he will be sacked.

    I have had loooooong years of experience with GCC and they are a bunch of inept and useless morons. look at the skatepark in kelvingrove for example. that was supposed to be of a professional standard in order to bring big names and thier sponsors to the city, but they decided to make it child friendly too, so we got a 3ft spine, a bowl you couldnt fit a spoon in and several useless stairsets and no tabletops.

    or the bmx race track in drumry. who races bmx in glasgow? nobody, thats who. the track is pointless and only little kids ride around it.
  • is there not already trails there?
  • docker0141 wrote:
    is there not already trails there?

    Yes but hardly up to the standard for the commonwealth games
  • yea thats what i thought
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