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kona stinky range

stuartmaylestuartmayle Posts: 4
edited February 2009 in MTB general
i really like the stnky range what r ur thoughts


  • Heavy, overpriced, but strong.

    Good beginners DH/freeride bikes.
  • Heavy, overpriced, but strong.

    Good beginners DH/freeride bikes.
    +1 you ca get the 2008 stinky for around £999 which isn't too bad.
  • P-JayP-Jay Posts: 1,478
    I had one of the most fun rides ever on a Stinky once, around The Wall at Afan, majorly over biked but it was a great laugh. They're oftern frowned upon, but they're a great entry bike into riding big stuff.
  • Bit more geared towards freeride/dh rather than an all round bike. It's possible to lighten them up but probably not worth the money.

    I had a stinky before the stab i have now and frame wise the geo is spot on. It rides brilliantly and they are quite compact for jumping / dropping etc. The 08 ones are pretty sweet as they come with an SC fork. The drop off triples that came on the pre 08 ones where rubbish.

    You won't enjoy riding up hills on one, or very pedally trails, but in return you'll blitz past XC bikes on the downhills purly through the amount of travel and the way the bike just seems to gobble up obsticals.

    You really have to consider exactly what you want out of your bike. If you're going to be doing XC as and trail centres with a bit of DH then maybe consider a coiler, or something like a spesh pitch at a similar price?
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