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Which full sus for a mate ? Cube , Trek, Specialized, other?

weeksy59weeksy59 Posts: 2,606
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Cube AMS Pro XT 2009 ... elID=30504

Cube AMS Comp 2009 ... elID=30509

Trek Top Fuel Ex 8 2008 ... black.html

Trek top fuel Ex 8 2009

Specialized FSR XC 2009 ... e-ec016445

Specialized Stumpjumper FSR comp 2009 ... e-ec016444

Riding is 90% offroad, woodlands, uphills and downhills.

There's 2 questions to be asked really.

1, is the more expensive Cube really worth more than the cheaper one ? Same for the Specialized

2. Which would you/he ideally have.

Some history, he's 49, not slim and fairly new to the MTB lark. He wants something suited for some events over the coming year, offroad without jumps/ridiculous downhills.

A bit of a JAck of all trades really required..

Or is there something totally different out there we've missed ?


  • llamafarmerllamafarmer Posts: 1,893
    The AMS pro has a Fox rear shock, in theory much better than the Manitou on the Comp, which I found very wooden, but the pivot design on each bike makes a huge difference too.

    I personally really like the Trek Fuels, but he should try a few!

    Giant Trance/Anthem are worth a look....
  • GHillGHill Posts: 2,402
    The Trek links are to Fuel Exs but the text says Top Fuel, which one is it that you're interested in (top fuel is more race orientated, fuel ex more "trail")?

    The '08 Fuel Ex is a bit of a bargain if you can find it in the right size.

    Personally from that list I'd try the Stumpy and Fuel Ex to see which suited the best.
  • edninoednino Posts: 684
    weeksy59 wrote:
    Cube AMS Pro XT 2009

    Some history, he's 49, not slim and fairly new to the MTB lark. He wants something suited for some events over the coming year, offroad without jumps/ridiculous downhills.

    A bit of a JAck of all trades really required..

    imo he should get a hardtail with 100mm forks

    but out of them the cube AMS pro for me
  • weeksy59weeksy59 Posts: 2,606
    He's already got a HArd-tail Carrera Fury.

    So doesn't feel there's much point in keeping that and getting a 2nd HT as well, so wants to get a FS.
  • SikoraSikora Posts: 519
    You can pick up a 2008 Stumpjumper FSR Comp for less than £1100. Identical to the 2009 version bar a few components.
  • weeksy59weeksy59 Posts: 2,606
    Any more thoughts guys ?
  • It goes without saying that unless hes ridiculously rich, over a thousand pounds on a bike is alot of money for anyone - gotta get it right - cant give it back after 6 weeks of use cos you dont like it.

    Get him down a bike shop and get them to let him ride a few bikes round the car park or something to get a feel for the postion of the bike. All bikes feel sutbley different.

    You could also try a look at a lapierre zesty 314 for £1800 (exellent write ups)

    A kona dawg - or one20 could be worth a look too.. personally dont look as good as the zesty or spesh/trek offerings tho..

    I think you can get a low specced orange 5 for the 1800 mark too - but i might be wrong so dont quote me..
  • weeksy59weeksy59 Posts: 2,606
    Problem is you need about 4 shops for the above.

    1 for each manufacturer.
  • I'd look at the lapierre bikes, really really nice.
  • Problem is you need about 4 shops for the above.

    1 for each manufacturer.

    If you are spending that amount of money it's worth the effort. You're gonna get a serious bit of kit for that and it'll be a shame if it turns out to be not used or not liked.

    Saying that I'd go for the Spesh Stumpjumper from that list. If he is a jack of all trades then I'd also recommend the Spesh Pitch...if you can get your hands on one.

    But the key is..try as many bikes as you can. A good LBS will stock several brands.
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  • Cannondale prophet 1 or 2 are very good bikes around that price range. I am a bit biased, but saying that, they are getting great reviews in the mags at the moment.
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  • If your after value for money I would probably look at the Giant Trance X. There not only one of the best value long travel XC / light free ride bikes out there but also one of the best in general.

    If your not so worried about value and just want a really nice bike I would say look at the Lapierre Zesty. They are a stunning bit of kit and still at a sensible price.

    Or if your feeling patriotic you may just have enough to get your self a Pace or Orange 5. Both are superb bikes in there own right.
  • crustcrust Posts: 27
    Hi guys

    thanks for the responses so far

    La Pierre Zesty, mmm, funnily enough I've been looking at their website as they seem to get good reviews.

    Hadn't included them as their website dosen't list any UK dealers.

    I've based my choices so far purely on - have I heard of them and ooh, that looks nice.

    The bike needs to be on 0% finance, I'm not rich, my mortgage has dropped, thats all, so it has to last and inspire me to ride it.

    I work in manufacturing and machinery so appreciate trick engineering, I sat on a cheap Specialised and didn't like the cast gear change levers.

    If I buy a cheap bike I know I'm going to spend on better/shinier parts so would prefer to go further into debt and get top quality bits to start with.

    I know, all the gear, no idea, but if its well engineered and functions well I will enjoy riding it more and want to take care of it - I actually enjoy working on well engineered machines.

    Specialised/ Trek confuse me, they appear to have a load of bikes all similarish.

    I shall be visiting as many bike shops as I can to look, question and hopefully blag a ride, as well as asking local riders loads of questions.

    Thanks again for the tips

  • I'm looking at similar bikes although I can't quite stretch to the La Pierre Zesty price.

    The Cube looks awesome and has a great components too. I'm looking at the AMS 125 K18.

    The GT Force 1.0 is reduced to the same price as the Cube and the Fuel Ex8 so I will check that out.

    Univega is also popular here and the SL-7 looks great and all the components get a great write up. This weekend I will try all 4 bikes out hopefully, I will let you know how it went.

    - 2013 Cube LTD, SL 29, grey / black.
  • weeksy59weeksy59 Posts: 2,606
    Purely on Aesthetics and engineering, the expensive Specialized you tried the other dat was lovely. Although i think it was over £2000.

    The Cube looks superb i got.

    Although the Trek ain't exactly being beaten with an ugly stick.

    I think a lot may boil down to

    "pick the prettiest and buy it!"
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