Snow / ice tyres?

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Does anyone own snow / ice tyres? How do they perform?


  • The guy who runs my lbs had them on this morning, he swears by them.

    I personally stick flats on my mtb and just skid round corners.
  • I don't have snow tyres but I have been thoroughly pleased with the Nokian cross tyres that my kona Jake came with (second hand). I didn't notice how slippery it was until I stopped at a traffic light and nearly slipped over (serves me right for obeying traffic signals :D )
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    Real men wear 23c slicks.......and fall off allot.
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    If you have a MTB run these. Schwalbe ice spiker pro, almost half the weight of the original ice spikers and offer outstanding grip on any ice covered surface, not to good on smooth rock faces and utterly useless on tiled areas at the local shopping mall.
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  • Heres a place. Maybe a bit extream for the snow that we have had.

    May have been brought up before. Memory is all that good
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  • I've been running on Schwalbe Marathon Winters for the past couple of days (bought from Bike24 in Dresden, ordered on a Tuesday delivered to the UK on Friday and all for only €5.95 p&p). So far they seem great. Really composed and untroubled on the hard packed snow and slushy/icy roads we've just had.
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  • I run a cheap MTB, salvaged from police auction, now fitted with Schwalbe Ice spike tyres for winters like this (I'm on the Yorkshire Wolds so snow is a regular thing every winter)

    Good grip even on refrozen ice/snow.

    Terrible noise on dry roads.
    Beware of overconfidence & going too fast for the conditions,still possible to slip off. Sometimes can ride when one can't stand up, so care on dismounting,

    I keep a standard set of nobblies for the rest of the year ,or to help swap the snow/ice spikes with my son's commuting MTB. Another salvage used for the trip to the station.
  • I got sick of falling off as about 10 miles of my 13 mile commute is on a tarmac path covered in about 6 inches of ice. So, I made my own front spiked tyre and let a bit of pressure out of the back tyre.

    I used steel screws and cut the ends off for fairly agressive spikes. I only did the front because I wanted to see what the result would be, if the front wheel goes, you're off, the back is not so bad. I'm amazed at how well they work, I've not come off since, sometimes when I get off because the back wheel can't get traction I can't stand up so that's how well they work.

    They don't help in snow but that's where MTB tread comes in.
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    Remember an article in MBUK about Iditabike and a bike custom made for the race that had two rims joined together and two tyres running at low pressure for the snow, albeit a little more than we get here.
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  • Yep, when the snow's too deep it's almost impossible to keep going, powder snow isn't too bad but wet stuff is a nightmare. It's not too bad for messing around but if you're commuting you need to keep up a decent speed.

    There's always this; ... -snow-toy/