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Hi Guys,
I am on the verge of buying my first real road bike which i plan to use for long days in the saddle doing century rides and sportives. (Up to now i have been using a hybrid).
I have test ridden a few and have narrowed my choice down to 2. The Boardman road team and the Merida road 903. Both were really comfortable on the short test rides but i wonder how they will be on longer rides.
They both came out as 9/10 in bike radar reviews.
My question is therefore , does anyone have any experience of riding either of these over distance and what do they think?
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  • softlad
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    not ridden either, but my choice would be the Boardman - the spec (with Ultegra & Ritchey) is infinitely better value than the Merida...
  • Thanks Softlad, i notice the new 09 boardman comes with SRAM rival so i guess that makes it better value again but i'm just wondering about all day comfort.
    "If you think you can, or if you think you can't, your right" Henry Ford
  • softlad
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    realistically, I think 'comfort' has more to do with how you set the bike up - as opposed to anything inherent in the design or material choice. If you are thinking of using one for sportives or similar, then I think it will do fine..
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    I'd agree with softlad - the frame materials and geometry (and stem length) are pretty much the same so the biggest factors after that will be getting the seat height right and if the saddle suits your personal shape, or swapping for gel bartape if you get numb hands after a long ride.... fwiw I'd get the boardman...
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