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Are being had?

canada16canada16 Posts: 2,360
Opps missed the WE? And also please dont take this as being rude.


I have posted this before and never had a reply and its annoying.

Anyway, what is going on with this site, it has taken me like 30 min, just to wait for the page to load.

Yes I know you have a lot of people using this site, but if that's the case upgrade the servers.

I and we buy your mags, so we are not really using this site for free, and we also use your advertising links to see what suppliers are out there.

Surely CRC and Wiggle ect.. are not cheap to advertise on here, and the mags are not cheap at 3.99 each, so why can you not upgrade the site.

This happens at least twice a week, were you press submit and it does nothing for like 5 min, then it says article not found, then you go back try it again, only to find you have posted 10 threads.

Please can you let us know what is going on, as this is not a new thing.

Thanks, loyal customer and viewer.

P.S. I have looked over the past threads on this, and they are either shrugged off, with we are aware of this and looking into it, or something about albino rats?


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
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  • canada16canada16 Posts: 2,360
    Well if you know about it, then what is going on, and is something being done about it.

    You have not answered my question, and probably other peoples questions.

    And like I said in my thread I did read, as I did mention the hamster/rat thing, so the question is can you read?

    People keep asking, but they are not getting answers, or maybe there is nothing being done.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,678
    "We are aware of the problem and we believe that we have identified the cause. The developers are working on a fix and as soon as it has been completed and tested the site will be updated.

    My apologies for the inconvenience that this issue is causing."
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