Using sealant with `used` tyres

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`ve successfully converted a few tyres to tubeless with No-flats. However they`ve always been new tyres. The Specialized Captains I have at the moment are cr*p in any kind of mud and I remember having less problems in mud with my Nobby Nics (whilst obviously not dedicated to Mud riding) which cleared quickly (unlike the Captains which keep hold of mud like a kid with a security blanket).

Instead of buying yet more new tyres, I`d thought about recycling one of the 8 sets of tyres I have lying around and really fancied trying the Nobby Nics. The Nobby`s that I`ve got are less than 6 months old and were great all round tyres but should I even try and mount them with sealant - or as they are `used` will it be doomed to failure. I should add that they are the snakeskin version so have reinforced sidewalls.


  • should be ok if you use 100ml of sealant, just read that on `just riding along`

    check their webby, on the right hand sisde is a load of stuff about tubeless faqs etc
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    I've heard bad stories but I've done exactly that a couple of times and it's been fine. My Meta has a converted 2.4" Nobby Nic evo on the front right now which I rode normally for quite a while before converting.

    On the Captains, I use a set myself on my Zaskar, with a bit higher pressure they roll really quickly but only on hard ground. I do agree about their mud performance but on UST rims, they're the same width as 2.25" Nobby Nics, half the price, longer laster and miles lighter than the UST Nics (especially over the '07-'08 ones).

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