When is Lent ?

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When is Lent this year ? As a motorist I have a few things I’m going to give up.

Firstly, I’m going to give up signalling at roundabouts, as it seems that I’m one of the few that does. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’m waiting at the roundabout only for some twonk coming from the right to turn left (down the road I’m exiting) without signalling. If they had been signalling their intentions then I could have been on my way instead of sitting there waiting for them to come across me. :?

Secondly, I’m going to stop driving in the inside lane of the motorway and simply cruise down the middle lane irrespective of the speed I’m doing. Driving home on Saturday, I spent disproportionate amount of time in the outside lane overtaking cars in the middle lane, when the inside lane was completely empty. Even if I flashed my headlights at them, very few actually woke up to move over. Or even on occasions when I would pull back in from of them, give a very long left signal and move back to the inside lane, they would still sit there in the middle lane. What is it with these ignorant, inconsiderate ***** :evil:

And thirdly, I’m going to park in the disabled & family bays at Sainsbury’s as I’ve decided that the walk from the normal car parking area is far too long and that I’m so important that I’ve got to park as near to the entrance as possible. :wink:

(Should this be in the rant section)

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    Ash Wednesday is 25th Feb.

    Your 3rd one is a waste of effort. Just park where you want - double yellow lines included - and put your hazard flashers on.