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Stomach Ache

carl_pcarl_p Posts: 989
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Went out for a two a bit hour ride on saturday. Only my third ride since Christmas and found it gruelling quite honestly what with the wind and the cold. Although it was 4 degrees the 22mph wind made it feel a lot worse on occasions.

Anyway I did suffer from pretty bad stomach ache during and at the end of the ride and I'm wondering if it was because the water in my drinks bottle was ice cold through the wind chill, going through my nicely warm stomach? No after effects since so don't think is was bug related, plus I had sufficient layers on to combat the cold. It actually seemed worse when I got off bike then when I was on it.

This is my first ever winter of bike riding so just curious if anyone else also suffers from stomach ache and if there are any tips to deal with it.
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  • carefulcareful Posts: 720
    Stomach cramps are not uncommon among cyclists, but they are most often caused by the gloopy glucose/fructose drinks that are used before and during rides. It is trial and error to find what suits. I note that you were using neat water so my guess is that you are right in suspecting the low temperature. No doubt others will disagree, but for a two hour ride in cold weather I would drink very little water. On longer rides in this weather it might be worth trying to plan a cafe stop.
  • you still need to drink even though its cold as you still sweat and lose water through breathing

    i put hot black coffee in my bidons
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  • In my days of sailing warm climates it was known that drinking too much iced water could lead to stomach cramps. May need to start off with warmer water.
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  • When I first started cycling to work 2 years ago I used to get a stitch every day on the way home without fail. I put it down to not being very fit at the time, since then I've not had the same problem.

    That said I did go out a few weeks back when it was -6 and was out riding for about 2 hours. When I got back I did have a stomach ache of sorts but it felt more muscular than anything else.

    Not sure whether this helps at all or not.
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