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10 hr XC endurance tips sought.

Tallchap1Tallchap1 Posts: 35
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Goin to do a 10 hr endurance team race in summer. have been riding for about 2 years and am 42 and reasonably fit. Any tips for the race re fitness, maintainance, and any other pearls of wisdom that will assist.
Tall n skinny


  • ben110ben110 Posts: 54
    ha ya mate have only done a few races my self and the longest one was 100k so cant really give you words of wisdom, but just go for it train a litel harder and faster than you useally wood in the run up to the race and you should be fine wen i traind for the 100k race i just got out as much as i could in the run up doing lots of long stedy rides of bout 35- 50 miles so never had the fall 100k under my belt intill id done the race but found that i was fine and had a wicked time raceing all of the other riders, if this is your first race you should try to aviode doing this to early as you dont wanna blow your self out and have nowt leaf in the tank for the rest of the race, in terms of maintainace just give your bike a once over a week or so befor the race to make sure its all working ok then maby give it a really good clean soo its looking good for your photo at the finish, weel thats all from me if you need any more help send me a message and ill try giv you some tips hope this helps, have a good one mater
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