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Skinny Wheels Off Road

oldholbornoldholborn Posts: 114
edited February 2009 in XC and Enduro
I have just been looking at Hybrids.
I understand that these would be quicker for my style of riding.
Bigger wheels and a better range of gears.
I mainly ride Green Lanes, Bridlepaths and Tracks.
My biggest obstacle are tractor ruts and potholes.
This has made me consider fitting 700cc wheels to my Scott Scale and adding Disc Brakes.
I do not need discs or want them but do need to stop and with 700cc wheels I would need discs.
What is the skinniest tyre I could fit on the back with a high profile?
I like the look of these, but are they fast rolling? ... -Tyre.html

Also would it be worth changing my cassette?
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